Artistic Independence

FORM 2009

FORM 2009 is the second installment of the successful FORM: artistic independence book. FORM is WE Design Atlanta’s annual published collection of works from artists throughout the Atlanta area. We encourage artists of all kinds to submit your work for consideration! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out FORM 2008 on!

WE Design Atlanta’s commitment to support the community and other emerging designers/artists is at the core of our philosophy. “We believe in designing a better world by coming together, sharing together, creating together and ultimately succeeding together!” This is the goal of Form: Artistic Independence 2009, Atlanta. Like last year, this opportunity is open to any age group, individual or business that wants to reveal what “artistic independence” means to them. The submisssions that are chosen will be represented as a collective pictorial/provacative survey of where the arts stand today in Atlanta and hopefully where they are headed in the future.

A Little More About FORM:

  • Presented as a First Edition Press Book
  • Locally Designed, Printed and Published
  • Casebound
  • 4 Color Process
  • Book Size-Large Format (10″ x 10″ spread)
  • Published Credit for All Submissions
  • Available on and through Local Retailers

Requirements for Preliminary Submissions:

  • 300dpi
  • .jpeg format
  • maximum of 10 submissions
  • must live in 100 miles of Atlanta
  • art work must have been created in the last 3 years, in Atlanta

To find out more about FORM: artistic independence 2008 please visit

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